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OK, so it's pretty clear that I am absolutely in love with my fringe bag by Sara Battaglia. It was sitting in my closet for over 3 months and I honestly thought that I won't bring it out this summer. But when the clouds and rain started gathering up (yup - the autumn is on ...

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Borough market

Hey guys,Hope your weekend is going in the most exciting and happy way that's possible. Hope it's filled with things and people you adore and with every bit of secretive moments that we find ourselves in and realize: - Damn, it - this is amazing!I, in the mean time, will share with you some of ...

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Sunday with Teresa was a day to remember. Dressed in black and white we set about on yet another stroll around London.  Armed with a camera and my comfortable pair or flats, we marched our way through Covent Garden, all the way across the Lincoln’s Inn Park to be surprised with the absolutely breathtaking Royal ...