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To the Med and back

It’s been a month now since I returned from a short holiday in Turkey. The plan was to visit the gorgeous Istanbul, but thinking how close the Mediterranean sea with it's beautiful beaches and wonderful weather were I found myself on yet another flight.Mediterranean coast of Turkey is absolutely blessed with beautiful nature. The mountains, ...

Jeans and other denim

My recent wardrobe choices were somewhat revolving around jeans and I've either over-done it or got totally bored of it - I feel like banning this piece of clothing in my wardrobe for months to come. Ok, maybe a little less than that, but I feel like I need to stress out this major feeling ...

Ren skincare review

Face skincare has been my latest obsession – although honestly, I think it just gets stronger with the years ( I get more skin conscious sort of aware of it’s condition, looks, reactions…) and I am not being paranoid. I just really want for my skin to be in optimum condition. Of course, I know ...