• Cheesy quinoa croquettes recipe
  • Quinoa croquettes
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  • Quinoa croquettes recipe

Recipe: Quinoa croquettes with spicy mango dip

I love food. Good food with good quality ingredients that's made with love. Which is exactly how I saw my mum cook. She made magic, literally. I remember her in action in the kitchen and how carefully she approached every recipe, every nitty gritty detail. It was something extraordinary. No wonder kitchen became my favourite part ...

  • London Borough market
  • London markets
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City markets

Guys, I want to talk about markets today. City (farmer's) markets. You see, I've always been drawn to this idea of amazing farm produce available for urbanites. And so when I first came to London I was really excited to discover them all. I actually imagined London markets to be somehwat similar to what I've seen ...

  • Madara superseed oil
  • Madara facial oil
  • Madara organic face oil
  • Organic facial oil


For the last couple of months I've been using facial oil instead of a face cream or serum. I wanted potent, but natural skin care product that would fight my expression lines. Totally by chance I've come across Madara age recovery superseed oil and I mean, I've heard nothing about this brand or oil, so ...