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You guys can probably guess how much I love bags and if I haven't made it clear yet - there's just no other piece of a thing that would make me happier than a beautiful bag, and I mean it. I am such a bag lover and there's every reason behind it. Surely, I have ...

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Nice France

It’s been over a week since I returned from Nice – a beautiful beach town in southern France. It was a little escape from London and gosh, it felt so good. It was more than I expected and indeed totally different than what I have imagined.Upon arrival I couldn’t get over the fact how insanely ...

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April in London

April has arrived and all the beautiful things followed up: the blossoms, the green grass and all the smiley faces appreciating each and every sunbeam running through the naked skin (even the tiniest parts of it).The city of London turned livelier - cafe tables were brought out, conversations got louder, parks busier than ever, even ...

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Pretty pair

This year I feel somewhat crazily excited about the espadrilles ☺️ lace ones, plane ones, leather ones, quirky ones... Just about a trillion options out there and all too pretty not to wear, no? ☺️