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Sunday with Teresa was a day to remember. Dressed in black and white we set about on yet another stroll around London.  Armed with a camera and my comfortable pair or flats, we marched our way through Covent Garden, all the way across the Lincoln’s Inn Park to be surprised with the absolutely breathtaking Royal ...

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Urban life

So it's been a while that I didn't properly sat down here for a well, proper conversation. The truth is that I always get interrupted with unplanned plans (if that even makes sense?) and so I get caught up in that, having no time to catch up here with you. But as the time goes ...

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Free flowing

Sometimes I love ‘things’ to be polished to perfection: crisp shirt, pretty dress, black stilettos, well fitted jeans, a structured handbag...Some days I need everything to be in order and well planned. And other days I feel free-and-easy. I want to have my hair messed up, my shirt unbuttoned, my skin make up free and ...

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To the Med and back

It’s been a month now since I returned from a short holiday in Turkey. The plan was to visit the gorgeous Istanbul, but thinking how close the Mediterranean sea with it's beautiful beaches and wonderful weather were I found myself on yet another flight.Mediterranean coast of Turkey is absolutely blessed with beautiful nature. The mountains, ...